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Please see the vacancies tab for studentship information in our group for September 2017 start.

Our group is currently studying protein structure and function using principally NMR spectroscopy. Our interests lie in four main areas as follows,

1) The IGF2/IGF2R interaction and its role in tumourogenesis. This long term collaboration with Professor Bass Hassan is aimed at furthering our basic knowledge of this system through a structural and functional approach combined with in vivo studies. We are aiming to develop a therapeutic based on domain11 from IGF2R and this research is at the heart of the ‘bench-to-clinic’ philosophy of academic based drug discovery.

2) A structural biology approach combining NMR and X-ray crystallography, chemical synthesis and biochemistry to understand the biosynthesis of numerous important antibiotics. This research lies at the heart of synthetic biology and our need to understand and rationally manipulate this systems in order to produce new antibiotics so desperately required over the coming decades.

3) The application of NMR for screening potential small ligands for proteins of pharmaceutical interest. We have a long term collaboration with UCB Biopharma to develop and extend protein-ligand detection methods using both NMR and Mass Spectrometry (with John Crosby).

4) GW4 based collaborations including work with Rick Titball (Exeter) into Toxin-Antitoxin systems and Ruedi Allemann and Joel Loveridge on DHFR structure and dynamics.