Vicky Higman




Vicky studied Chemistry at Oxford University and then stayed on to do a DPhil in protein NMR with Prof Christina Redfield and Dr Lorna Smith, focussing on the use of Residual Dipolar Couplings (RDCs) measured on folded and unfolded proteins. This was followed by two years of post-doctoral work with Prof Tony Day in the MRC Immunochemistry Unit at Oxford where she carried out NMR studies on the oliosaccharide binding protein TSG-6 and also determined a crystal structure in collaboration with Prof Martin Noble. Vicky then went to Berlin to join the group of Prof Hartmut Oschkinat during which time she switched from some initial solution NMR work to solid-state protein NMR, working predominantly on the large beta-barrel porin, OmpG. After a further couple of years of solid-state NMR work on bacteriorhodopsin with Prof Tony Watts in Oxford, Vicky moved to Matt’s group. Here she is involved in a number of collaborative projects, mostly involving protein structure determination by solution NMR.


Vicky has set up her own website describing some of the basics of Protein NMR at



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